Zealong Tea with Factoy Ceramics mugs was $179

Zealong Tea with Factoy Ceramics mugs

was $179

Enjoy pure New Zealand tea from a ceramic mug crafted on Waiheke Island.

Zealong Organic Oolong Tea: 15 biodegradable pyramid bags, 35g. 2x Factory Ceramics mugs.

This clean, highly fragrant light tea introduces a hint of fruit, flowers and a dash of butter biscuits, followed by a nice rounded mouthfeel and a long, sweet aftertaste.

At the Zealong Tea Estate, they ensure their range of teas are grown in an unspoiled environment, to the highest standards, and crafted by passionate tea masters. Zealong is premium tea grown, processed, and packaged from a single source in the pristine air and soils of Waikato, New Zealand. Zealong is free of chemical sprays and uses only organic fertilisers. Your first sip will tell you this is special tea. From the delicate colour and aroma, to the pleasant tang on the palate and sweet aftertaste, this is tea at its finest.

Zealong tea bags use plant starch as their base material. They are made from non-GMO, renewable plant sources, and leach out no harmful matter if burnt or buried, so they are 100% food-safe and non toxic. They are also compostable under the right conditions.

Enjoy your tea in Factory Ceramics ceramic mugs, hand-made on Waiheke Island.

Factory Ceramics is based on popular historic design and combines colours reminiscent of the 1950’s to create a modern range of bowls, plates, tumblers and vases.

These mugs are created by a group of designer-makers with diverse backgrounds in ceramics, jewellery, photography and composites. Using textiles to press into porcelain and hand build pieces individually, plus many other techniques from slip-casting and wheel throwing to china painting and digital transfer graphic design.

Was $179.00
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